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mayflowerBased in the South West of the County of Dorset in England’s West Country we are in the heart of the region from where thousands of ‘New England’ settlers embarked on their journey to a new life in the burgeoning states of New England in the early 17th century.

Our aim is to bring to life for their descendants the conditions, traditions and history that drove these early migrants to leave their communities and way of life for a ‘new life’ in the virgin lands of New England.

As an introduction to the places to be visited we plan to hold a presentation by a local historian. Our preferred speaker will be Brian Bates, a Dorchester resident, who has extensive knowledge of 17th century Dorset. Brian met the Yale historian and writer David Underdown when he was researching his acclaimed history, ’Fire From Heaven’, on 17th century Dorchester. He also transcribed the diary of William Whiteway, a Dorchester merchant and friend of John White, and regularly lectures on the topic.

Sample Tours

The following tours are suggestions to cover West and Central Dorset, North Dorset, South Wiltshire and the Devon and Plymouth area. They are designed to give visitors a glimpse into the places from which many of the pilgrims, ancestors to so many in the United States, started their journeys to the ‘New World’. View sample tours…


You will stay in the Old Rectory, Symondsbury, Dorset. The house will be for the exclusive use of guests who will be welcome to treat it as their own home.
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