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The Washington Connection

The extensive Notley family from nearby Cerne Abbas were early settlers in Maryland, the State set up by Lord Baltimore and his Roman Catholic wife. the Notley family are said to have owned Cerne Abbey Manor in Washington, the site of today’s Capitol Hill.  A Thomas Washington married Maria Randoll in the church of St. Mary in 1676 and lived in the Pitchmarket opposite the church. It is...

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Fire from Heaven

Dorchester—the west-country town immortalized by Thomas Hardy as Casterbridge—was two hundred years before Hardy’s time the most fervently religious town in England. The catalyst that turned a provincial backwater into a “godly community” was a great fire in 1613 that devastated much of the town and enabled the new pastor, John White, to lead the town in a kind of spiritual...

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Magna Carta Exhibition

Our home base is situated just over an hour from Salisbury where the finest of the four remaining copies of the Magna Carta is on permanent display in the Chapter House of the magnificent Cathedral. The first glimpse of the Cathedral from the road approaching Salisbury is of its needle-like spire, the tallest in England. Information on the Cathedral can be found at:

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